Starting your Zoom meeting

This article details how to start a Zoom meeting with your attendees. For details on how to configure Zoom with Smoothbook please click here.

If you have configured a service to be connected to Zoom then a Zoom meeting will be created for every new timeslot that is booked – as soon as one of your customers books the timeslot.

Please note that your customers will not be added as registrants in Zoom Рyou can manage your attendee list in Smoothbook.

Instructions for Zoom meetings to customers in confirmation and reminder emails

When a customer books a Zoom enabled timeslot they (and Smoothbook owners and resources) will receive instructions regarding their Zoom meeting in the confirmation and reminder emails. You can configure the Zoom instructions that appear in these emails by selecting ‘settings’ from the main menu and clicking on the ’emails’ icon. On the right hand side, under the heading ‘Email template guide’, you’ll see a heading: ‘Zoom instructions’.

Default instructions have been created for you. If you would like to send different instructions to your customers, you can alter this text as you like. These instructions will be inserted at the top of emails to your customers. If you would like to insert them into a different position in your emails you can do so using the ‘%z’ macro – simply place %z in your emails where you would like the instructions to appear.

Retrieving join and start meeting links in Smoothbook

A joining link for your Zoom meeting will be sent for your customers in the confirmation and reminder emails. A link to start the meeting will be emailed to organisation owners and resources. You and your customers can also retrieve the joining / starting link for a meeting from within Smoothbook.

Smoothbook organisation owners and resources can retrieve the start link for a meeting from the dashboard. Click ‘view / message class’ to bring up the Class modal.

You will see a button ‘Click here to start Zoom meeting’ which you can click to start your meeting at the correct time.

Please note you can of course start your meeting using any of the other Zoom clients: desktop applications, etc.

Join links in the booking calendar for your customers

Your customers will receive a join link in their confirmation and reminder emails which they can click to join your meeting at the correct time.They can also retrieve the join link from within the booking calendar.

Once they’ve booked their appointment(s) they can view their appointments and joining links by selecting ‘my appointments’ from the drop-down menu top right:

This will bring up a list of the customer’s past and future appointments, along with the appropriate joining link.