Managing your user’s memberships

This article discusses managing your user’s memberships once they have purchased one. For general information on setting up charging in Smoothbook please click here; for information on configuring payment options in Smoothbook please click here; for information on creating memberships please click here.

You manage your customer’s memberships by viewing the customer’s information page. Select ‘customers’ from the main menu, find the customer in question and click on their name. You will find a variety of information on this page regarding customer appointments, packages, transactions, etc. You want to scroll to the ‘memberships’ section which is on the right hand side. In this section you will see a list of customer memberships – active and inactive. From here you can see a list of all events associated with the membership – it’s history – as well as a list of Stripe transactions associated with the membership.

Cancelling customer memberships

In the section described above you will see a button against active memberships – cancel membership. You can use this to cancel the user’s membership: you will be prompted to confirm this action and continuing will cancel the user’s membership. Please note that according to the legal mandate that the user agreed to when they signed up for the membership, their membership will remain active until the end of the billing cycle (but they will not be billed again and the membership will not be renewed).