Charging for appointments with Smoothbook

Smoothbook offers several options that enable you to require payment from your users before they’re allowed to book. You can also restrict access to services by requiring a coupon code in order to book.

This page is a general information page for charging with Smoothbook. For more information on configuring charges for Smoothbook please click here.

Stripe integration

All payments that are made through Smoothbook are processed by the payment processor Stripe who are highly regarded around the world. You will need a Stripe account in order to process payments through Smoothbook. Due to the complex technical requirements of Smoothbook with regard to payments, Stripe is the only payment processor that we currently support.

Smoothbook is fully compliant with new (September 2019) EU payment processing laws requiring SCA (Secure Customer Authentication).

Payment options

Smoothbook is designed to be as flexible as possible with regard to the payment options you can offer your users. You can offer:

  • A charge per appointment. So the user books 8 appointments, they pay 8 X the charge that you have set.
  • Packages (aka ‘class passes’). This gives you the ability to offer special / discounted rates for one or more appointments: you could offer 10 appointments for the price of 8 for example and the system will track your user’s credit as they use them.
    • You can limit the number of times that a given user can purchase a package.
    • You can set an expiry on a package – either a specific date or a set number of days after the package is purchased.
    • You can configure codes that the user must enter before they can buy the package. So you can restrict access to packages.
    • You can set the package cost to zero for promotional offers, etc.
  • Memberships.
    • Enable you to create a monthly subscription for your users giving them access to some or all of your services
    • You can offer memberships that give access to some or all of your services.
    • You can offer memberships that award some or all of your packages to your users every time the membership renews.
    • You can configure the billing cycle (time between renewals) of the membership as you like – i.e. you can make the billing cycle anything between one and twelve months.
      • You can offer different billing cycles and costs for each membership