Showing only a specific service or resource in your booking calendar

Generally when you display your booking calendar you want to display the whole calendar with the availability of all of your resources and services.

There may be times that you only want to show the availability for a single service or resource. This is easy to do in Smoothbook.

First log into Smoothbook and create your schedule. Then click on the link top right of the system: ‘view my booking calendar’ to launch your booking calendar in a new window. If you have more than one service or resource you will see some dropdown menus for filtering your services and resources:

Choose service and resource dropdowns

You want to select the service or resource that you want to display. This will show only the availability for that service or resource.

When you select a service or resource you will also have altered the URL (web address) of your calendar. If you look in the address bar of your browser you will see the link for your now filtered calendar:

The text at the end of the web address: serviceid=… is filtering the results of your calendar.

You want to follow the instructions for integrating your calendar by selecting ‘setup’ from the main menu in Smoothbook and clicking on the ‘calendar integration’ icon. Find the section about how to embed the booking calendar:

In the code that you see in the textbox you’ll see a line that starts href=”…” You want to replace the text that is between the quotes with the URL that you have copied from your booking calendar. Then, copy all of the embed code to your website.