Integrating Smoothbook with Google Calendar

You can quickly and easily view your Smoothbook appointments in Google calendar.

  • You will need a Google account and Google account email
  • Your Smoothbook appointments will appear in a new, shared calendar which is read only*.

To receive your Smoothbook appointments in Google calendar navigate to the API’s settings page. You can do this by selecting ‘settings’ from the main menu and then clicking on the APIs icon.

Google calendar integration for Smoothbook

Having your appointments shared is as simple as entering the email address of your Google account and pressing ‘add’. If you would like this calendar to also be shared with other people who have Google accounts, simply enter their Google account emails here. You and the other people whose addresses are here will receive an email letting you know that the new calendar has been shared with you.

Once you have entered an email address here, any new appointments you receive will create a calendar if you do not already have one which will automatically be shown in your Google calendar (usually your Google calendar is at ).

Your Smoothbook calendar will show in your Google calendar under ‘other calendars’:

Adding a Smoothbook calendar to Google calendar

If you would like to force a sync or recreate your calendar for any reason you can do so by clicking the red button ‘reset my Google calendar and send it to me’. Clicking the option will reset your calendar with all of the future appointments for your organisation.

Force calendar sync


* We spent quite a  bit of time developing a two-way solution but, in the end, there was just too much potential for confusion and mistakes when everything about an appointment can be changed by multiple people in multiple locations. For instance changing the start time of an appointment would make it invisible in the manage appointments interface in Smoothbook.

We decided that the best solution is the simple, non-confusing one – Smoothbook is the source of truth for all appointments: all changes to appointments must occur through Smoothbook.