Get started with Smoothbook in one minute

Welcome to Smoothbook!

Smoothbook processes thousands of appointments per day for businesses just like yours. The system has been designed to be very quick and easy to set up and integrate, with many options and configurations that you can then adjust as you like.

Getting started with Smoothbook

There are three steps to setting up your booking calendar:

  1. Create your services – things that are booked – and (optionally) your resources – things that offer the services.
  2. Schedule your services on the scheduling page. You can do almost all of your setup on the scheduling page: creating services, etc. There are in-depth instructions on the page to help you.
  3. Link to your booking calendar so that your users can book with you. This usually means installing a small amount of HTML on your website which will embed the booking calendar directly into your website or a booking button which will open the booking calendar in a new page.

That’s it! That will get you set up with your calendar, once you have done that there are numerous options and settings that you can change to get the calendar working as you wish.