Creating a booking schedule

Once you have created at least one service, it is time to schedule the times at which that service is offered. Please note that, at the time of writing, you can only offer a weekly schedule.

To do this please select ‘scheduling’ from the main menu. You will see a page which looks like:

If you have not read about services and resources then it may help to do that now. You must have at least one service to create a schedule: if you do not have any services then click the link that says ‘click here to create a new service’. Once you have done that you will see the following dialogue:

Hopefully this is self explanatory: you want to create ‘shifts’ – a collection of time slots that you offer at given times on given days of the week. Click on the black ‘question mark’ icons for help with what each of the fields mean.

Complete the form as you like and then click on the ‘add shifts’ button. Don’t worry if you are unsure here: you can easily modify your schedule afterwards if things don’t look correct.

Once you have created a schedule you can see what it looks like by select the ‘view my booking calendar’ link at the very top of the screen.